Thursday, May 17, 2012

First we take The King's Head, then we take Holy Rosary Park

One of the best perks of being in The Lonesome Weekends is getting to experience different gig cultures wherever we play.  O'Hanlon's is not The Beef in Estevan; The Beef is not Lydia's in Saskatoon; etc.  The King's Head Tavern is nothing short of North Regina awesome: all sorts of gambling, cheapish booze, fun staff, and gregarious clientele that don't mind catcalling you (keeping you on your game, eh) or looking over your shoulder and/or hand while you play or buying a round of shots for the band.  The only bands I've seen play there are The Lonesome Weekends and Halteras, but Wednesdays there are just rad.  Really big ups to all the fine folks that made us welcome this past hump-day, and we look forward to seeing you (again) at The King's Head in the future.

Next Thursday during the Cathedral Village Arts Festival you can catch us in a drier (read: sober-er) venue, Holy Rosary Park.  It'll be a chance to get just as up-close-and-personal with us as the King's Head folks did, but in an all ages environment.  So, if your eight year old needs a bit of rock and twang and you don't mind the occasional colourful lyric, as John Hiatt once said, bring the family! And remember, if you come wearing one of our shirts, get a free peck on the cheek from one of the boys.  I don't know if Jeff knew this, but he didn't get kissed the other night.  It sort of feels like a missed opportunity.  It would be nice if it doesn't happen again.

This one is for Ozzie; here's hoping he's feeling just fine today...

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