Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ain't Got No T-Bone!

Hey folks.

Thanks for coming out to the show at The German Club a couple weeks back. It was a blast. We'll be doing another show there sometime soon, with some surprises.... Stay tuned.

The Lonesome-est Weekends

Here is a nice little review from Rage Regina:

On Thursday night RAGE drank with the Lonesome Weekends. AKA Marshall Burns (Vocals & Guitar), Chris Sleightholm (Vocals & Guitar), Steve 'the hat' Jeske (Keyboards), Tyler Hammer (Drums & Vocals), Chris Prpich (Bass), and Devon Floyd (Vocals, Guitar and Banjo). However, we were not the only ones. Throughout the night the crowd at the German Club seemed to keep growing. People wanted to stop in to get a better listen to this groups’ fine country swagger.

The Lonesome Weekends played an entertaining show for the crowd. Their rhythms and harmonies blended well and their style tapped into a sort of vintage country with a modern flare. They certainly got the crowd moving.

What was refreshing about this show was that the band played a set with a few songs and then took about half an hour break. This occurred a few times throughout the night. Those attending the show were able to chat with the band and others in the crowd. People were truly “Drinkin’ with The Lonesome Weekends”. RAGE gives this process of performing two thumbs up. This technique engaged the audience and when the next set was on, the floor seemed to fill up even more.