Thursday, March 28, 2013

JunoFest, Gateway Festival, Here We Come!

When yours truly was a lot younger, I heard of these mythical things called sweet summer jobs.  You applied for them in early spring or even late winter, but didn't actually start to do them until May or June or July.  I was a pretty lazy student, so that explains that, but now that The Lonesome Weekends are the ones looking for summer gigs, I understand the excitement of good news when the snow is still here!

While accidentally reading The Leader Post I was blindsided by the headline on page B2 in the Arts & Life section, "Earle and Lund will be heading to Bengough".  We already had confirmation of our participation in the 9th Annual Gateway Festival, July 26 - 28 (online tix:, but I did not know about that stuff!  Some of the players in the band, along with others in bands we're tight with that'll also be at Gateway were stoked about the chance to play on the same stage as Corb Lund and Steve Earle, and I feel incredibly giddy at the prospect myself.  Any chance you get to even come near your heroes is just plain awesome.  I almost interviewed Earle once upon a time, and feel grateful that while I did not get to, all others were equally denied!  Even so, playing the same stage/festival is a few notches higher on the 'fu$# yeah' scale, wouldn't you say?  After all, one of these guys is a stone-cold legend, and the other is working towards that in his own way.  If any of us get to even one-tenth of where they are at and/or have been (except jail....and seven or so divorces), that is icing on what has been a pretty sweet musical cake so far.

Bengough is still months away, however, while the Junos are just around the corner.  As a band that hasn't clarified any long term plan beyond "world domination", being included in this is something of an honour to be sure.  A colleague of a friend mentioned how so many bands felt it would be an easy thing to get into JunoFest, or that it one wouldn't need to work at it.  That man scoffed at both notions.  I can't help but agree, as being part of something like Bengough is awesome, but being part of hosting the country's awards on some level is pretty mind blowing.  Spend the 30 bucks and dig into plenty of music that, in this fashion, won't be here again any time soon.  Details at  But make sure that on Saturday, April 20th you are at The Artful Dodger to get cozy and boozy in time for our set.  We've never played there, we've never played JunoFest.  This is what it is all about.

I'll let the men I gushed about earlier have a little battle here.  Until the next one, remember that for every mile of highway, there are two miles of ditch.