Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Jam Space Part Two

Well well well, it certainly does take a while to process a night away from home, but now that the process is done, let's have a go at the whole shebang....

The air conditioner worked just fine!  The drummer, along with the rest of the band, sweated in no disproportionate amount, or at least no one said anything about it to us, and believe me, the audience was within sweating-on distance from all members of the band!  Richard Groulx and his staff were courteous, welcoming, hospitable, and just generally all around awesome the whole evening.  Add to this a sold-out crowd and a pretty solid performance by the band and I'd say a big "yes" to playing The Jam Space again.  I'd also say a big "yes" to any band pondering a gig at Richard's place, especially if they are (rightfully) leery about playing in yet another small town in Saskatchewan.  It is not just another small town in Saskatchewan.  It is The Jam Space.  It is Lemburg.  And it should be seen as a go to place both for fans and musicians that care just a bit more than the average bear.

One thing that struck me about Lemburg's most excellent destination was how it felt just like the coolest living room ever, with couches, comfy chairs, a corner bar, and oodles of vinyl album covers.  I got to counting them, then realized that there were many things to count about our time in Lemburg and vicinity that night (possibly because I've spent too much time recently with The Count's Sesame Street CD?)  Stats certainly can be boring, but they also can paint an interesting picture all their own for those inclined to see things that way.  So, for all the fans of numbers and percentages and the like, and for fans of the band in general, I present to you:

The Lonesome Weekends, The Jam Space, and Tim's Cabin, By The Numbers

  • 73 album covers all over The Jam Space's walls
  • 55 The Lonesome Weekends stickers/beer coasters distributed
  • 50 (approximately) attentive, enthusiastic and energetic audience members
  • 50% of Fishbone's album tolerated in band van before Michael Jackson showed up
  • 37 beer drunk by band members
  • 29% of cds sold
  • 25 songs played over two sets
  • 24 sausages barbequed
  • 21 eggs scrambled
  • 20 hours spent away from home
  • 17 shots in the dark (5 in the cabin, 1 near loss of weapon b/c of same)
  • $15 spent by patrons to get in
  • 13 cigarettes smoked, herbal and otherwise
  • 4 publicly acknowledged designated drivers happy to hear the song "Ain't No Shame In Being Sober"
  • 3 packages of bacon consumed
  • 3 buns eaten by non-refined-foods-consuming drummer
  • 2 songs danced to by more than one audience member (hey hey Misty!)
  • 2 eggs consumed raw
  • 2 packages of particular periodicals purchased by roadie that ultimately were of no help in dealing with statement below
  • 1 incredibly accurate, appropriate and prescient statement uttered by roadie that should've been better heeded for the evening "I'm still pretty glad it's not a real gun"
  • 1 non-adult in attendance (hip hip hooray Laz!)
  • 1 empty beer can lobbed at a singer
  • 1 terse public warning to non-singer
  • 1 encore
  • 1 borrowed banjo
  • 1 growl at a woman's hair (by a man in the audience)
  • 0 requests for Bob Marley
  • 100% chance of doing all of it most of it all again sometime down the road apiece
Thanks again to all who came out, staff and audience members included.  Please mark July 6th on your calendar, as it will be the second of three 13th Avenue Records showcases at The Jam Space, this time featuring Brass Buttons (50% returning players 77% different roles, 92% different vibe).

Here's one outta leftfield (in the world of rock 'n' roll at least) to send you on your way.  The Count!  And Cookie Monster!  Ah hah hah!......