Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Dozen Things You Did Not, Until Now, Know About Songs From A Barstool

  1. Coongas/Congas are implemented judiciously on at least one it the Hammer touch.
  2. Certain online places of purchase have deemed the album/cd "explicit" - like N.W.A.?
  3. Everyone gets a vocal credit this time around - listen closely, or not if you'd prefer, to hear the golden pipes of Chris Prpich and The Hat.
  4. The beer, and background, featured on the cover are courtesy Regina's The German Club.  If you have never been, don't delay any longer.
  5. Some people don't know what "Elisha" (end of vinyl side one) is actually about...and they are in the band!
  6. Legwrestling decided the running order of the album - example #42 of how youth does not always defeat age.
  7. Sleights proudly ripped off Bob Dylan for one of his song titles; it was supposed to be under two minutes and be punk, but it did not work out that way.  Next album!
  8. One of Marshall's songs is about a local watering hole - $5 to the person that gets it right.
  9. Devon raps on the final song, and live he sometimes uses curse words on it.  Is this why the album is deemed "explicit"?
  10. Caribou Creative, the company responsible for the design, is operated by a bandmate's sister.  She's taken.  Back off.
  11. Currently the album is #42 on earshot ahead of Jack White.  Sorry that it does sound self-indulgent, but it's kinda nice to beat Jack White at something once in a while.
  12. Engineer and Mixer, Orion Paradis, earned his nickname "The Big O" during the recording of  the album.  Ask him about it sometime.

Shakey Wilson's going to be opening up for us in Lydia's in Saskatoon this Saturday. Here's a bit of him to send you on your way!

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