Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Rockin'

Happy New Year fine feathery friends of TLW!  And a big thanks to all of you who came out to any of the shows in December.  We certainly had a blast playing Amigo's in Saskatoon with Young James, enjoying Bugsy's in Moose Jaw, and playing in perhaps our favourite local venue The German Club with Erin Passmore and Jeans Boots.  Of course, ending the year in 13th Ave Records Rendevous at The Artesian was nothing short of amazing, and a few members of the band are still getting over it!

We're off on the road a bit this month, and are heading once again to new territory.  Saskatoon has been very welcoming over the last little while, and that trend continues this month when we share a stage with Zachary Lucky at Vangelis Tavern.  He's an awesome singer/songwriter, and you might've seen him play the same night we opened for The Deep Dark Woods a few months back.  Check him out here:  It'll also be interesting to play the same place a day after our friend Belle Plaine does, and we'll be sure to keep things hoppin!

We're also heading to the deep west of Saskatchewan later in the month, as Lucky Charlie's has graciously given us a two night stand to proffer our wares.  Two night stands are always "intriguing" propositions, and one of the more "intriguing" ones we' had was in the deep east of the province at The Beef in Estevan.  Noting how different (or not) these corners of the province are in their love for drinkin', dancin', and rockin' will be a time, and should give us a few more stories and/or songs in the near future.

So head on out, embrace what Saskatchewan has to offer in the wintertime.  Watch out Swift Current, here we come!  And to get you in the road mood, here's one person's wonderfully blurry take on our time in Estevan.