Friday, September 14, 2012

Back in the city that rhymes with awesome!

Last communique The Lonesome Weekends were set to take on southern Saskatchewan by way of Wood Mountain and Gravelbourg. I'd like to say that everyone won down there: the Wood Mountain Folk Festival was big fun, freakin' cold, crazy windy, and wonderfully hospitable, while Jackie at The Mayfair in Gravelbourg was a generous host, knowing that a band that sings and/or drinks about booze would be fine with a 40 and 48 beer on ice (right beside Hat's keys, no less), and the crowd reciprocated on all fronts. Three cheers to the south!

It's been a few months since we played Regina, but the end of September sees us doing a couple of real cool gigs. First, we are super stoked and proud to be part Breakout West (The Western Canadian Music Awards) this year. Though we are not blessed with anxiety over winning any awards this time around, we are playing Friday, September 28th at The Artesian. We'll be closing the night out (1am, Saturday, September 29th to be technically accurate), but will be sharing that stage with acts such as Rococode and Indigo Joseph. Check out all the awesome options you have for both evenings that weekend here: .

If life happens and you're not able to stay up that late on Friday night, we'll be rocking The German Club the Saturday evening as part of Cam Wensel's Buffalo Jump venture, finishing that night off after The Sumner Brothers and Black Drink Crier have taken the stage. There's a rumour there could be some sort of jam that sends everyone home happy and less sober than earlier in the night, so come on down....more details here:!/events/476946058991382/ .

Finally, if you've not had enough of the band by then - and truthfully, we won't be doing any typical three set marathons through these shows - there's a chance we'll be streching out a bit more at a gig in the northern climes of our fair city in early October. Third time's the charm they say...but only for those that are in it for all three, yo......

In the meantime, there's really only one way to end this post. No other 71 year old does what Bob does, we should all be so lucky to achieve 1% of his....anything!