Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Download for YOU!

Dear friends,

As a kind of thank you to everyone we would like to give some music of ours for free. “Home Recordings, Vol. 1: Lonesome Beginnings: Songs For Lonesome Weekends Demos EP” is a collection of lo-fi, intimate recordings from the three songwriters (Devon Floyd, Christopher Sleightholm and Marshall Burns) before the band had fully formed in early 2010. By listening to these recordings you can hear how the songs were re-imagined and reformatted from these lonesome beginnings into something else entirely when the rhythm section (Tyler Hammer, Chris Prpich and Steve “The Hat” Jeske) got their hands on them. Songs are amorphous beings and that can exist in many dimensions and these songs now will have a dual life, as their counterparts on the record are from nothing like them. These demos are not like the Weekends rowdy live show (or “Songs For Lonesome Weekends” for that matter), but have the vibe of a bleak winter morning, possibly after a night of hard drinking. The cover was painted by Kevin Gustafson.

Thanks to everyone who purchased our first record, came out to shows and supported us over the past year and a half. Hope you enjoy these songs, share them freely. Listen and free download from our bandcamp page from link above.

The Weekends