Thursday, May 17, 2012

First we take The King's Head, then we take Holy Rosary Park

One of the best perks of being in The Lonesome Weekends is getting to experience different gig cultures wherever we play.  O'Hanlon's is not The Beef in Estevan; The Beef is not Lydia's in Saskatoon; etc.  The King's Head Tavern is nothing short of North Regina awesome: all sorts of gambling, cheapish booze, fun staff, and gregarious clientele that don't mind catcalling you (keeping you on your game, eh) or looking over your shoulder and/or hand while you play or buying a round of shots for the band.  The only bands I've seen play there are The Lonesome Weekends and Halteras, but Wednesdays there are just rad.  Really big ups to all the fine folks that made us welcome this past hump-day, and we look forward to seeing you (again) at The King's Head in the future.

Next Thursday during the Cathedral Village Arts Festival you can catch us in a drier (read: sober-er) venue, Holy Rosary Park.  It'll be a chance to get just as up-close-and-personal with us as the King's Head folks did, but in an all ages environment.  So, if your eight year old needs a bit of rock and twang and you don't mind the occasional colourful lyric, as John Hiatt once said, bring the family! And remember, if you come wearing one of our shirts, get a free peck on the cheek from one of the boys.  I don't know if Jeff knew this, but he didn't get kissed the other night.  It sort of feels like a missed opportunity.  It would be nice if it doesn't happen again.

This one is for Ozzie; here's hoping he's feeling just fine today...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Dozen Things You Did Not, Until Now, Know About Songs From A Barstool

  1. Coongas/Congas are implemented judiciously on at least one it the Hammer touch.
  2. Certain online places of purchase have deemed the album/cd "explicit" - like N.W.A.?
  3. Everyone gets a vocal credit this time around - listen closely, or not if you'd prefer, to hear the golden pipes of Chris Prpich and The Hat.
  4. The beer, and background, featured on the cover are courtesy Regina's The German Club.  If you have never been, don't delay any longer.
  5. Some people don't know what "Elisha" (end of vinyl side one) is actually about...and they are in the band!
  6. Legwrestling decided the running order of the album - example #42 of how youth does not always defeat age.
  7. Sleights proudly ripped off Bob Dylan for one of his song titles; it was supposed to be under two minutes and be punk, but it did not work out that way.  Next album!
  8. One of Marshall's songs is about a local watering hole - $5 to the person that gets it right.
  9. Devon raps on the final song, and live he sometimes uses curse words on it.  Is this why the album is deemed "explicit"?
  10. Caribou Creative, the company responsible for the design, is operated by a bandmate's sister.  She's taken.  Back off.
  11. Currently the album is #42 on earshot ahead of Jack White.  Sorry that it does sound self-indulgent, but it's kinda nice to beat Jack White at something once in a while.
  12. Engineer and Mixer, Orion Paradis, earned his nickname "The Big O" during the recording of  the album.  Ask him about it sometime.

Shakey Wilson's going to be opening up for us in Lydia's in Saskatoon this Saturday. Here's a bit of him to send you on your way!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy May from The Lonesome Weekends!

First off, thanks to all who made the release of our second cd, Songs From A Barstool, a massive success: Young James from Saskatoon warming everyone up nicely, The Artesian providing an awesome venue, and The German Club for hosting the country karaoke after party - I swear no one in the band had ever seen a bowl of pasta salad that large!  Also some shout outs to Prairie Dog, Buzz City, The Leader Post, CJTR, CBC and Paddock Wood Brewery - good solid work!

Most of all, thanks to all of you who came out, nabbed a cd and/or tshirt, drank, danced, ate, sang, smoked, stumbled, fell, and got back up again.  We've got a busy May coming up, so if you are in and around Lydia's in Saskatoon, The King's Head Tavern in north Regina, or checking out the Cathedral Village Arts Festival later this month, come on by and have yerself a time.....just don't expect any more pasta salad!  Oh, and if you come on by sportin' one of our t-shirts, have yerself a complimentary peck on the cheek from one of the boys.  It's the least we can do!

Hank, sum it up for us please....