Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ness Creek, Curling, AND a Bruno Appetizer?!?!?

I recently read that any diets, resolutions, etc., related to 2013 turning into 2014, should just wait until after Super Bowl Sunday.  That was a fascinating notion, especially for one who burned his underwear (really) to (symbolically and literally) get rid of "bingeing", "bingeing" being the one thing that covers most of how I operate towards what I overindulge in/with.  I do like me some football, and could really give a rat's ass about that game, its spectacle, and if any stray nipples are involved (ok, I would give a rat's ass about nipples, but not pre-meditated ones like that!), but am totally fine with procrastinating on cutting down on the things I love in life.

A week before the NFL's corporate love-in-that-just-might-break-into-a-football-game extravaganza, there is a much more local, intriguing, and accessible sporting event that could just as well serve the purpose of prolonging one's holiday-or-otherwise bad habits.  The Bruce MacDonald Curling Funspiel -sponsored/run/hosted/managed by the folks responsible for The Ness Creek Music Festival - includes costumes, curling, prizes, and some rockin' tunes from us.  There's a wonderful writeup about it on their website, and frankly speaking, they make me feel like we're pretty special:  You will too, so if you haven't already done so follow the link on that page, get some tix, and come rock with us there - rock in all senses of the word, eh - Saturday, January 25th, in Saskatoon.

If you feel that you need something to moderate your intake of rocks (curling only), but would actually like to overindulge in all things The Lonesome Weekends, please consider coming to The Bruno Arts Bank the day prior to all that fun shtuff.  Many of my 13th Avenue Records cohorts have played in Bruno over the years, so I feel very excited and priveleged to be doing so for the first time in a few short weeks.  I do not know if I am the only one from this band who hasn't played there yet, but it really doesn't matter - Cherry Festival or not, I'll be poppin' mine that Friday night to be sure!  For more deets check out  and email for ticket questions.

Finally, here's some recent live footage of the band, performing what could be - if we were convinced of such a thing - a double A side vinyl 45 rpm release!  A pretty new tune of Dev's followed by what should be a future drinking classic by Marsh, a taster/teaser for all you coming on out to see us in January!



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