Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Jam Space, Saturday June 8, 2013



I note this not because I think people are not paying attention.  I note this because for us in the band, the "jam space" is not in Lemberg, and it would be pretty crazy, unfortunate, and ultimately fruitless for all concerned if people came anywhere near where we jam that evening!  Yes, as some of you know (or not - like the hippies speak about the 60s: if you can remember, you weren't really there) that space has been a scene of good rockin' nights, both rehearsal- and post-gig related, but there will be no action there that night.  Still, the similarities between the jam space and The Jam Space are numerous: there will be drinking, there will be smoking, there will be at least five people making original music, there will be off-colour jokes, on-colour jokes and very colourful jokes as well.    Shotguns - of the beer variety - have the potential to go off.  People probably will clap and someone will likely ask if some of us are in The Lazy MKs.  We'll say yes, come back at the end of August.  I'll leave it at that, as any more divulgence and I might have to consult a lawyer, so I'll say that all the action will be in Lemberg, Saskatchewan, at The Jam Space, operated and owned by Richard Groulx.

I first heard about Richard and his bold new venture when good compadre of Regina music Tim "Tico" and/or "Boom Boom" McCashin and our very own Sleights played there sometime last year.  Nice reviews by fellow performers make for easier gig-taking decisions later down the line, and I for one am incredibly stoked to play a show at this intimate venue due east of Regina.

Apart from popping my (our?) Lemberg gig playing cherry that night, one thing I am looking forward to is learning if any upgrades have been made to the place.  Not that I have reports of the place not being awesome.  On the contrary, as I've already noted.  However, in a recent poll, Mr. Groulx publicly asked what would be the most important improvement for customer experience at The Jam Space.  The options were: air conditioning, creating more space for patrons by relocating bar to former 'office' room, higher seating in the back row, or installing a projector.  One comment given in response to a vote for the a/c was about how a certain July show was the hottest they've ever had.  I personally find this an intriguing prospect as we will be playing in June, and our sister band Brass Buttons will be playing in July.  The drama starts now.  Which band can handle the heat better?  Will the crowd wither before the band does?  Who buys more beer, the band or the audience?  Is it better to stay sitting or stand and rock in such a situation (I vote for the latter).  And would anyone take back their vote for having higher seating in the back row instead of enduring the sweat of a drummer being all over them?  Ok, that only happens in our jam space, but you just never know.....

Still, there is only one way to find out how it'll all shake down.  Come on down to the jam space The Jam Space and kick off the first of a triple-header of 13th Ave Records shows over the summer in Lemberg.  You don't want to be the one hearing about it second-hand now, do you?  Tell all your friends, and if they are on the book of faces, follow the link for that as well:!/events/553350328036384/

To send us off, here's some Lee Hazlewood featuring Nina Lizell: "I may be small but I know I'm right for you.  No big cowboy can do the little things I do"

Amen, Lee.  Speaking for the hearts of The Lonesome Weekends, decades before we existed.



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