Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting to Know The Band, Part One

Who doesn't love a good list that divulges everything you've ever wanted to know about the dreamboats in the band, um, of your dreams?  Tiger Beat, 16, Mojo, and Rolling Stone all understand the value of digging deeper into the wonderful, life-affirming qualities of the stars that make our world go round.  Even the most jaded music fan will admit to being safer, warmer, and perhaps even happier basking in the knowledge that Jim James, for example, spoils himself by bathing in caramel (that explains the awesome hair!) and that butterscotch encourages him to get intimate.  I know I'm a much better person going out in the world today with that under my belt - thanks Exclaim!

With that said, here's the beginning of a semi-regular feature that enables you, the curious and devoted fan, to be the first on your block to dish the dirt share the joy of the inner workings of the boys in the band, and to see that we are always, unbelievably, on the same page.

Thoughts on Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

Sleights: Overrated.
Hat:  Life w/out Tusk is like an egg without salt, or a kiss without a beard!
Prpich: In the Top 50 albums of all time, mutha#&$%*!
Dev: Never heard it.
Marsh: Not sure what it is...
Ty: Booooo Tusk!

Desert Island Disc

Sleights:  Lee Hazlewood The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood, Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde, The Band The Band, Neil Young and Crazy Horse Zuma (4-way tie, check back another time for 4 more methinks!)
Prpich:  The Beatles White Album
Dev:  Ratatat Classics
Marsh:  Bob Dylan Time Out Of Mind
Hat:  Meat Puppets Up On The Sun, The Upsetters Super Ape (tie)
Ty:  I'll take an LP. Any LP actually, with the record pulled out. Inside I would have as much string as would fit with a knife and flint strike. In the mean time while you are all blissed out to your music starving to death, I will be slow roasting whatever exotic animal I have hunted over my nice toasty fire. And no, I will not share my food or fire with any of you no matter how much Lee Hazlewood or Bob Dylan you offer in exchange. This is a survival situation not a vacation!

On Spoiling Oneself

Sleights:  Buying records.
Hat:  Wake up, inhale, exhale, smile, repeat.  Add whiskey on occasion.  And pancakes.
Prpich:  Make more music, watch old '30s movies, Extra Old Stock.
Dev:  Salvation Army.
Marsh:  Chips n' beer.
Ty:  Premium dark roast coffee beans.

And don't forget that next week is Juno Fest, and we're on at The Artful Dodger Saturday night.  To plan other activities for the low, low price of $30 over two days, check out this handy grid for your perusal:


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